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October 2016

A WeAr4eK9sNow our clients can contact CORTEX technical support crew, by sending SMS-message directly from Web-site. To proceed with technical question please just click Support button on top of the page.

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1330593610 vyboryNow our clients can download product manuals as well as updates for CORTEX software without registration, just click on the download button under the product image.

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CU GSM 2Highly anticipated update of the popular GSM/GPRS communicator RT4-5gp (Version 3.1-22) is avalaible now.

Now this communicator can send SMS messages not just in codes, but also as a text in any language.

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We have added several features in the new version of alarm receiver CU-GSM-2 (V1.6)*:

- Now alarm receiver can switch to the backup communication channel using PC (via GPRS), if the main channel is broken (COM/USB).

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